The Reconnect Candle


Designed to inspire connection, conversation and to foster love in a special corner of your home. The Reconnect candle will remind you to slow down and to be in the present moment as you invite your special ones into your gorgeous home, for authentic and genuine connection.


A beautiful blend of lavender and lemon, this scent is grounding and uplifting and will fill your home with a fresh and comforting energy.



1x Reconnect Candle



- Natural Soy Wax, Natural Lavender and Lemon Fragrance (Vegan)


Consult your doctor before use if pregnant.

The Reconnect Candle

  • Follow these instructions to get the most out of your Calm Candle!

    - Ensure the wick is trimmed to 5mm before each burn to ensure maximum burn time.

    - For your first burn, ensure you let the candle burn to the edge of the jar to avoid tunnelling and create an even burn for the future.

    - Do not move your candle while lit.

    - Whilst burning, keep the candle away from drafts and breezes.

    - Do not leave your candle unattended while burning.

    - Burn on a heat resistant surface.