Pause Intiative's Coping with Covid Ebook was written by Jodie Perkins (Qualified and Registered Social Worker), and it is a practical Ebook designed to support you through the uncertain time that is Covid 19. Covid 19 has impacted us all on an individual and collective level and it's important that you know you're not alone in navigating your way through it. 



So what does the CWC Ebook look at?

- The impact of Covid 19 on mental health and overall wellbeing

- How to recognise if you're in distress

- How to navigate reaching out for support in the Australian healthcare system

- Some ideas of how to engage in different types of self-care (emotional, mental, physical, spiritual, social)

- Access to 4 self reflective exercises on gratitude, self-care, journaling prompts and health goals.



The use of the Ebook: This Ebook was intended to provide generalised information on the impact of Covid 19 on mental health, from the personal viewpoint of Jodie.


DISCLAIMER: This Ebook was not intended to be used in replacement of professional mental health services and advice. This Ebook does not take into account your individual circumstances and mental health concerns. This Ebook is not a replacement for medical attention, assessment, advice, treatment of existing mental health concerns or diagnosis, and is not intended to provide individualised mental health advice. Please consult your GP if you are experiencing mental health concerns, for a tailored approach to your personal situation.


If you are in crisis, please reach out to Lifeline on 13 11 14.

Coping with Covid eBook

  • Here is a snapshot of the Ebook Coping with Covid. The Ebook is 17 pages in total.