Hello 👋🏼 My name is Jodie and I am the face behind Pause. This is my story about my journey with mental health.

I’ve worked through a few things throughout my life and some of my biggest challenges have been living with and overcoming anxiety, depression and OCD. I like to think I have worked through these mental health concerns but the truth is, some days I still experience all the symptoms of them, the degree just varies. I think now I’m more equipped to look after myself when I’m experiencing these things, which has made such a difference! My favourite self care activities include: + walking my pooch @olliethejug_🐶 + telling my closest friends if I’m having a rough time + treating myself to a coffee ☕️ + having a bath 🛁 + watching news reporter fails on YouTube + looking at inspirational quotes + telling myself “you are allowed to feel whatever you need to feel in this moment” + getting my nails did 💅🏼 I’d love to know your story and your favourite self care activities! If you’re feeling brave enough to share your journey with me, get in contact with me. Normalising mental health journeys is where it all begins ✨ Ps thanks @blake.gannon for taking this photo!

#mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness

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