Lizzy's Story

This is Lizzy's story on her journey with mental health.

Lizzy is 23 and she works full time as a Paramedic 🚑 Lizzy has no trouble going about her daily business and she manages to maintain her career and social life just fine. But this doesn’t mean that she hasn’t experienced challenges with her mental health that she is still working through 😊 Lizzy experienced situational depression when she was 16 and she was on anti depressants for a couple of years. She came off her antidepressants when she was 18 and has managed to cope without them since, however she would consider going on them again if she ever needed to. Lizzy has experienced anxiety which sometimes comes in the form of severe stress and intrusive thoughts, where she feels like she needs to worry about something to gain more control over her situation. She sometimes has intrusive thoughts, where she worries about getting a terminal illness or about something bad happening, or simply worrying that people won’t like her. Lizzy’s anxiety has also come in the form of panic attacks, a racing heart and her whole body feeling overwhelmed and stressed. Recently, Lizzy lost her beautiful Mum and she has been working through the grieving process that follows a devastating life event like this. Lizzy is extremely resilient and she wants people to know that while individuals can manage their day to day life and they seem fine, it doesn’t mean that they’re not going through something. Here is what Lizzy does to look after herself: - Reaching out to her boyfriend, friends and family 👫 - Talking to a professional for help 💭 - Grounding herself by focusing on the present moment ⏰ - Not letting the ‘what if’s’ overwhelm her 🤯 - Trying to think about the positive things in her life ☀️ - Eating healthy and exercising (but also treating herself to a 🍔 because balance) - Using the Headspace app for mindfulness and meditation 🧠 Lizzy’s advice to anyone struggling with their mental health is to know that you’re not alone. Even in your darkest days there is someone who understands what you’re going through, so reach out and talk about it. Life can be scary but you are never alone. Lizzy your story is so powerful, thank you so much for sharing it with me 💓🌟

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