Kaelyn's Story

This is Kaelyn's story on her journey with mental health.

This is Kaelyn. She is 21 and is currently studying Social Work and Psychology 👩‍🎓 + Kaelyn experiences days where she feels flat and off, but her most scary experience with mental health is when she experiences dissociation. For Kaelyn, this looks like feeling out of touch with reality, feeling numb, forgetting important things, feeling like she is having an out of body experience, feeling “out of it” and confused, forgetting how she arrived to places and questioning what is reality and what isn’t. Kaelyn’s first experience of dissociation was triggered after she lost a special family member and it sometimes returns when she is stressed or when she is trying to have everything together all of the time. She is still figuring out what triggers these episodes. The most scary part for Kaelyn is feeling like the state of dissociation will never end. Here are her favourite self care tips when she is experiencing dissociation: 🌟 - Telling a friend what was going on and dispelling ideas that the feeling is going to last forever - Not panicking about how she was feeling and accepting that was her normal for that point in time - Being kind to herself and accepting that all days would look different and that some days would be worse than others ☺️ - Amping up her night time routine and making it special by: + Putting a diffuser on and putting her fairy lights on 💡 + Putting on her favourite face mask and taking time to enjoy the small things 🛀🏼 - Getting outside and going for a walk 🌿 - Allowing herself the time to feel what she needed to feel 🌼 - Kaelyn’s best advice: love yourself even when it’s hard to do and accept your situation. Know that you have the power to do what you need to do for yourself. Don’t be alone in your struggle, tell someone about it. 🌟 Kaelyn is sharing her story because she wants people to know that mental health struggles aren’t a deficit but just a part of our life experience 💓 Thank you for sharing your special story about your experience with dissociation Kaelyn ✨ it was an honour to sit and chat with you 🌟

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