Ella's Story

This Ella's story about her journey with mental health.

This is Ella ⭐️ She is 20 years old and she studies International Business and Economics and has a casual job at convenience store. Ella first started experiencing mental health concerns when she was 10, when traumatic personal and family events caused her to experience depression. When Ella had a serious injury at age 13, she was unable to engage in social activities and sporting events, which lead her to experience extreme social anxiety. At this point Ella felt very isolated from her peers and has since experienced periods of intense depression throughout her life. Ella’s social anxiety would flare up anytime she went to a party or social event, leading her to use substances to help her cope with the extreme anxiety. This was her biggest challenge and it reached the point where she once took too many substances for her body to cope, resulting in hospitalisation. Another challenge for Ella has been the devastating passing of her great grandmother and her Papa. Ella’s Papa was a huge support for Ella’s cricketing success and passion and his death has understandably, greatly affected her. Ella has also struggled to tell her family about her mental health and substance use, and the hardest thing for her was to be honest about how much she struggles to live in this world sometimes. Currently, Ella is still working through her mental health challenges and she regularly has visits to a mental health treatment facility, where her stays are anywhere from 3-5 weeks long. Ella has found that having diagnoses of Borderline Personality Disorder, Major Depressive Disorder, Anxiety, OCD, Autism and ADHD; has helped her to understand more about herself and her emotions. Here are Ella’s self care activities: - Playing sport 🥎 - Making art 🎨 - Playing Xbox 🖥 - Drinking tea ☕️ - Cuddling her dog Zeba 🐕 - Doing simple things like brushing her teeth, showering and making her bed to feel a sense of accomplishment 🚿 - Ella’s advice to anyone struggling withtheir mental health is don’t hide your emotions, feel everything even if it hurts because we are human and we are meant to feel things. And, there are ALWAYS people that care about you, you are never alone 💓 📸 @nicoleart102

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