Chantelle's Story

This is Chantelle's story about her journey with mental health.

She is 26 and she is currently studying Social Work 🎓😊 When she was 14, Chantelle began experiencing mental health symptoms that were quite scary for her at the time. These included; major lack of sleeping, outbursts of yelling, paranoia, extreme out of character behaviour and a lack of appetite. Her GP at the time said that she was experiencing symptoms of both Bipolar Mood Disorder and Manic Depression. For Chantelle, this looked like ongoing, extreme mood swings from highly elevated, to extremely depressed. Chantelle has learnt many helpful coping skills throughout her brave journey and she is currently stable on her prescribed medication that helps to balance out her emotions. Here are her favourite self care tips: - Playing soft, sad or upbeat music 🎶 - Praying 🙏 - Spending time resting 💤 - Talking to people who value her and that she can trust 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 - Eating food that she likes 🍎🍔 - Hugging people 🤗 - Watching stand up comedy on Netflix 🤪 Chantelle says that while her journey has been extremely challenging and filled with hardships, her faith has helped her a lot and she is grateful for all of the support from her friends and family, who have helped to build her resilience 💓 Chantelle I really love your story and thank you for being brave and vulnerable and sharing it with the world. I think it’s so important that we openly speak about mental health experiences in all of its forms! 🥰🧠❤️

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