Calvin's Story

This is Calvin's story on his journey with mental health.

This is Calvin. Calvin is 23 and he works in real estate 😊 Calvin has never really experienced anything mental health related before, until a year ago, when he started experiencing severe social anxiety. For Calvin this looked like: - Feeling severely nervous about attending social events - Fear of being sick in front of people if his anxiety got bad enough - Consistently worrying about what other people would think of him - Not wanting to go to social events anymore - Isolating himself from friends This was really challenging for Calvin because he had not dealt with anxiety before, so he felt very unequipped when it seemed to come on abruptly. However, Calvin has since learnt a few techniques along the way and here are his favourite self care tips 🌟 - Listening to rain sounds 🌧 - Praying 🙏 - Playing his guitar and singing 🎤 - Watching The Office 📺 - Telling someone when he is experiencing anxiety 👫 - Doing breathing techniques and guided meditation using the app called Simple Habit📱(he does this before he goes to a social event) Calvin wants other people to know that social anxiety can actually be a helpful tool if you learn to work with it instead of against it. It’s just your body’s way of letting you know how it feels in a certain situation. He also wants you to know if you’re struggling with the same thing, that you’re stronger than you think you are, so be kind to yourself along the way and reach out for help 💕 Who can relate to Calvin’s experience with social anxiety and how do you manage your social anxiety? 😊

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