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My name is Jodie Perkins and I am a qualified Social Worker, with a degree in Psychology.  I am passionate about mental health and I have previously worked through my own depression, generalised anxiety disorder and OCD. I created Pause Initiative as I felt there was a need for an honest, online platform where people could be vulnerable and share their mental health journey, to normalise mental illness and help people to feel less alone in their journey. My heart for Pause initiative is for people to embrace their journey with mental health, learn to love themselves through their challenges, be the most authentic version of themselves and find a supportive and relatable community. 

I hand make all of the Pause candles with natural soy wax and pure Australian essential oils and I have carefully crafted a range of candles to cater to certain mental health needs. My room sprays are also made from natural essential oils with no added nasties! My heart behind these products is that by investing in your mental health and utilising these products to their fullest potential, you are actively investing in your self care routine, which I believe is a vital aspect of positive mental health. I hope that you enjoy what Pause Initiative is about and I hope you treat yourself or a special friend to one of my candles or room sprays. You deserve to take the time that you need to breathe, PAUSE and repeat. You are resilient, you are worthy, you are loved and I believe that you are going to be more than okay. Keep going!

Jodie xx



Brisbane QLD, Australia

0449 173 097

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